Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Night Auction

You just never know whats going to come out of those boxes next at Thad Wood's Auction. This is a fun Friday night. Robert was able to enjoy the sights of merchandise and comical shoppers. You see his crutches in the picture: he has had a bad run with a back injury, bronchitis, and gall bladder surgery all this summer. But, he could still get his giddyup going to check out Thad Woods.
On this particular night, a buyer could get doll faces, wigs, and hands. I sure wish I could have gotten hold of a little bit of it. Krista could use a pair of hands for her bubble lady costume (SNL reference). There was also model train equipment, dishes, crestwhite strips, a stuffed lion head, Marilyn Monroe stamps, a ventriloquist doll, and pottery. All I got was a few boxes of honey buns. I was happy to be able to give Kevin a case of honeybuns cause he was such a good brother to get rid of the second dead goat carcas in a week. (That'll be another article.) I do regret that I was too late in arriving to bid on a fiddle that was new and went for only $75. Deardre really wanted a pink of fur that sold for just 7.50 that she could use in making Santa robes.
Toni and I kept giggling about this guy who was an enthusiastic shopper. I mean, he bought all kinds of stuff. We kept analyzing just what could he want all this for. So, when he walked by on one of his trips to take his purchases to his truck, I had to ask. Turns out that he has a store. He bought so much that he didn't even realize that he left an entire set of dishes.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kevin's Birthday

After our time at The Factory, we made ice cream sundaes with lots of toppings and played canasta. We play canasta almost every night. Where four or more are gathered......Even when there's lots of loud action, Gah can read if she wishes because noise does not bother her at all.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Porch Sitting

The balcony porch is a place we sit to relax. Alma likes to practice her fiddle out here. It is generally cooler than inside; so, a good place to bring coffee or tea and a good book. Mama and Deardre spent mannny hours trying to get the perfect picture of a hummingbird drinking the red sugar water. They did get some good ones.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boiler Room in the Fun Factory

We like to eat in the Boiler Room when we go to the Fun Factory. Kid's meals come on frisbees. The waitress said Kevin's broccolli was "catastrophic." I think she meant colossal; and it was tree size. I sang Beulah Land because it was in my head alllll day becase of a book I'm reading. Ski ball, Deal or No Deal, and buttcracks were the fun things that night. We like to rack up on tickets from games to get prizes. We usually get kinda junky stuff, but Alma finally got enough tickets saved for a lava lamp: 2000 !!! Thanks everyone for the donations to her cause.

Scenes from Fort Tatham Creek

Some people pay big dollars for mud baths. This is such a nice little creek spot. I put my chair down and get my feet in the cool water and enjoy a book. Chloe had a good time watching some bugs and spiders walk on the water. She also used an ax handle found nearby to do a little water golf with leaves floating by.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pert Near Winning Mario Kart

Gah playing a little DS. This is not photoshopped but real picture. Jill P. took a sweeter one of all four girls around her sharing the moment. But, after they wandered off, Lorene just settled in to play on her own. I think we should get her a DS of her own with casino games, bingo, and a sewing mama.

We've gotten lot's of laughs because Gah described a book she was reading as "pert near pornagraphy." The title is Beulah Land. It is an epic saga set in Georgia post Civil War. We are now all passing it around. If you want a turn, just let me know.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Playing Around in the Tuckaseegee

Now that Kevin and Toni are living on the Tuckaseegee we have a place to hangout for convenient playtime in the river. It is nice to have a porch to rest on and a bathroom if you need one. Sometimes, Chloe is a little timid about the current and likes to find excuses to go inside and watch tv. I really can't imagine choosing Suite Life of Zack and Cody over the cool water. Brent and I tubed in this river when we were teenagers. Mostly, the girls climb around on rocks and play in the mud. They really enjoyed having Stephanie and Olivia here to swim with. It is interesting to see how the river varies day to day. Sometimes it is higher and faster than others. After a rain, it is muddy for awhile. We also drive along other portions of the river when we go into town. I'd like to get brave enough to use a kayak or a raft; maybe one day.