Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Cherokee is one of my least favorite parts of WNC. I really do like to learn about the history of the Cherokee and I enjoy their culture and crafts. However, the strip in town that tourists get to see is such an exploitation. It is full of little tomahawks made in China and cheap tshirts. The neon lights and "chiefs" dancing with pink hula hoops in hopes of a dollar in their bucket is so trashy. I dread the visit; but, kids just have to go there to experience the Cherokee Indian side of the Smokies. So, I will highlight the parts that I do enjoy. The museum gift shop is great. It is authentic and has good prices. All of the kids got these little pocket knives. Outside of the gift shop is this huge stature of Sequoyah's head. I like to remind the kids who he was and that he is responsible for the Cherokee language (and later other tribal languages) being saved by creating an alphabet for writing. There is a Big Boy that my Ohio born friend Samantha was so excited to revisit. They have an Ohio burger with tartar sauce ??? and a Southern version that is just like a Big Mac. We both enjoyed our very own heritage burgers to go. The creek is Cherokee is just perfect for little ones to play in and tube. It is not too rough and rocky, but the current is still really fun. I enjoy taking a book, or catching a nap in my chair while the kids play. Gah really enjoys Harrah's Casino about once a week. She plays quarter slots for cheap entertainment and a social afternoon out with friends. The cigarette smoke is so intense that she comes home stinking like an ash tray. While I was relaxing creekside with Jill and Sam, I saw some old friends walk by. Seeing Brad and Maria Avans all the way from Leesburg, Florida, was such a surprise! It was so good to chat with them and see their kids; hopefully, we will get to visit with them some more when we get back to Florida.

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