Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is a spot in Fort Tatham Creek that I can access behind a small church. It is not on or connected to Mrs. Smith's property, but a very short golf cart drive away. Brent played here with neighbor boys when he was a kid. He has Brad explored this creek for lots of years. I began coming to NC with Brent's family when I was in high school, and we would wade an area of this creek and look for special rocks for him to paint on. Now, I bring the kids to play while I put my feet in the cool water and read or just daydream. Sometimes, I still get in and play with them. They coat themselves with mud and become "creek monsters". They throw rocks trying to perfect that skipping technique. We take the golf cart and just strip down to panties when we enter the thicket of trees. There is not much point in muddying clothes or a swimsuit since it is such a private retreat. Then, the girls ride with a towel back around them back to the house. Some little pools are deep enough to swim in. The water is always cold and refreshing. After a good rain, we can't go in the creek because it stirs the clay bottom up so that it is muddy. Even though they like to play in the mud, swimming in it is not so good and maybe not safe as we do have to watch for snakes. I enjoy rocky, fast creeks like Deep Creek and wide, slower ones like Ocunaluftee. Creeks are just about one of my very favorite ones from almost rivers to tiny, gurgling streams. I like to find shady bubbling places that seem so private to enjoy a time by yourself. The sound of the water is so relaxing. But, I return over and over to this place since it is convenient and holds so many memories for me. When I am in Florida, daydreaming about the mountains, I imagine this water running over the rocks eternally even when I am not there to enjoy it.


  1. I want to go back everytime I see the pictures. I can feel the chill inside me jumping into the water fall. It was such a wonderful week. thanks for letting us experience this land you love with you.