Monday, August 3, 2009

Main Street, Sylva

There is something so appealing to me about Main Street in Sylva. This is the Jackson County Courthouse in Sylva. It makes we want to sing Dixieland Delight or something. On the 4th, Sylva does fireworks that go over this courthouse; but, they didn't this year due to some construction. (That's why we spent the night of the 4th in Bryson City for fireworks.) Main Street businesses have to cater to special interests or have a certain charm to compete with Walmart. Sylva's Main has an In Your Ear Music that is very unique, Jackson's General Store, Blackrock Outfitters, Friends of the Library, and some other things. Chloe is enjoying a cupcake at Annie's Organic Bakery. Some of our crew is chillin on a bench outside of the Ironstone Grill which is a steakhouse that took the place of Nick and Nate's. Nick and Nate's is relocating and I miss it being on Main very much.

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