Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Factory

We have lots of fun at The Factory. We play various arcade games and try to win tickets to redeem extra fine prizes. The girls want to save up for lava lamps that are about 4 thousand tickets which seems out of reach since a big night of winning including donated tickets from our whole group only yeilds about a thousand. We'd be better off if I just bought them a lava lamp from Wal-mart; but, somehow it is just not the same.
Laser tag is exciting. Since I have this bad cough and can't run around much, I found a good hiding spot and shot at the base spot. I did get lucky and hit a few of my opponents. Toni is proud cause she "totally kicked butt." She still has her score sheet to prove it.
The Boiler Room is one of the best restaurants in the area. Several of us enjoyed prime rib that was on special. Lynzi just could not be pleased because 1. The menu had too many choices, 2. They don't cook the broccolli to mush, 3. Her sandwich (which was a club!) came with mayo and tomato. Lynzi is proof that picky eaters can grow up to be nearly normal adults which is relief for my daughters.

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