Friday, July 2, 2010

Here Again

I am here in Sylva again for the rest of the summer. By this time last year, I had already been in the mountains for a few weeks. But, our family had an amazing trip to Nevada and California that we are still recovering from. We saw Vegas, Lake Mead (along with the Colorado River and Hoover Dam), Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Yosemite National Park. Videos of that trip are being posted on my facebook profile as I find time to edit and upload.

My mom and dad brought Mrs. Smith last week after a family reunion camping trip in Helen, Ga. That's right: my mom and dad. The home belongs to my husband's family, but over the years mine and his family have truly become one big bunch. When I drove in late on Wednesday night, everyone was already settled in the house and the yard looked nice. It will be a lot less work than last summer. So far, all I've had to do was hook up service for the satellite dish.

At the house on 34 Dirt Road in Sylva, I have slept mostly in the same bedroom since I was only 16. It is such a familiar place; I have already arranged my summer reading in the nightstand, clothes in the dresser, and all my toiletries in a bit of order. At first, I was a guest of the family as the oldest son's girlfriend. Now, I've been married for 16 years and share the room with my two daughters and husband when he is here. I feel guilty leaving him in Florida with his normal routine of work and an empty house while we live the mountain life. But, not guilty enough to make me change my mind. Plus, there is the part about us being with Gah, who is 88 and would be alone most of the time without our company. It is strange to pack your bags and drive 10 hours to feel like you are simultaneously leaving home and coming home.


  1. And not to mention,you get to eat at Nick and Nates a few times over this time and visit one of your favorites, City Lights. I love how the weaving of God's mercifulness makes us have a richer life than imagined, even hoped for. Have a blast friend.

  2. Yes, a place far from home that feels like home. I understand that feeling well:-) Hope the rest of your summer is filled with lots of wonderful memories.