Saturday, July 10, 2010

We watched fireworks in Dillsboro this year instead of Main Street in Sylva. Jackson county decided to not have them overthe courthouse anymore because of fire hazard near a historical building. I can respect that, but the huge explosions over that courthouse on a hill would just make you want to dance and shout the Star Spangled Banner and Dixie at the same time. This year, the crowd seemed a little milder and the fireworks show seemed so far away. I reckon we were spoiled; but, I hope that the community works together to improve it and get back to the July 4th that we loved in Sylva. Lynzi and Jill are waiting on the fireworks which were late to start. Lynzi gets very tired of having her picture taken; so, she was getting exasperated with all of our flashes. But, I do like this picture of Lynzibug. We enjoyed laughing at her and glad she got to spend the 4th with us.
A group of kids were giving out boxes of these pop-eyed spectacles. We collected a pile of them and played around with poses.

We sat on chairs and benches outside of the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory and enjoyed some street music, people watching, and frozen coffee drinks.

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