Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flatlanders Lawnservice

We all worked really hard getting this yard into shape. It was just the normal stuff: weeds and mowing; until, a tornado blew through last weekend. Then, we had to start over with a real big mess. The girls helped lots with good attitudes. Gah worked on weeds and trimming-she is really proud of this topiary. Mama learned to ride a mower up a VERY steep slope. It made me nervous to watch her. I got a new weedeater. A "girly" one-meaning can do heavy work, but light weight. It is a rechargeable battery Troybilt. I am proud of it. At first, I was not used to holding it at the angle of the slopes and it kept digging lines in it like a four year old giving himself a buzzcutt. The first patch of yard I did looked like someone hired Braille Yardservice. But, it got easier. My hands hurt really bad; and, I am considering using it to write words along the driveway. The worst part is Gah got a horrible case of poison ivy. I took her to her doctor and he prescribed prednazone and cortizone. She is still itching pretty bad. We got ahold of some poison ivy scrub today that Curtis recommended and she thinks it is easing up.

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  1. Braille Yardservice...hahahahahahahaha! I'm impressed that a bunch of Florida chicks cleaned up that mountain yard mighty fine.