Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hodgepodge with no pictures

I'm sitting in this little cafe in Franklin across the street from a park the kids like to play in. Mama is watching them while I update this blog. I am sooo frustrated because I can't seem to access the pictures from my blackberry. I am sure I will figure this out, but right now, I am running out of time. My internet time is so limited. This is my first hour since last Friday. So, in the past few days, we have been cleaning up limbs from a really bad storm, taking Gah to the doctor for poison ivy, dealing with satelite tv and insurance problems. Also, we've played in the creek, read books on the porch, played Canasta with Ft. Tatham friends. Yesterday we went over to Waynesville to toodle around in shops and eat at Nick and Nates. Nick and Nates was closed on Tuesdays ( I forgot!) So, we had supper at Bogarts, which is always good too. We also went to a book signing at City Lights this past Saturday. The author is Susan Gilmore and the book is Finding Salvation at the Dairy Queen. I enjoyed meeting the author, a very charming Southern girl. I have not started the book yet, but each night Gah reads and laughs out loud. Last night, she was up till one or so reading. It must be pretty good. I will try the pictures again soon and add some more here.

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