Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jessica and Sheila

Alma had a great experience at WCU's Mountain Mystery Daycamp. The stone cottage is a replica of a Scottish home long, long ago. The inside was a good rendition of their very sparse lifestyle, too. The Scots were some of the first European settlers in Western NC. The other picture shows her sample of weaving with scraps of cloth. She hopes to continue it to make a little bag or something. The cute, curly-headed girl is Jessica Gibson. She became Alma's friend in daycamp. So, on the last day, I introduced myself to her mother to explain our extended stay here this summer and hopes that they could spend more time together. Then, the mom, who reminds me so much of Rachael Ponds, asked, "Did you by any chance call the church about VBS last week?" Well, yes I did and spoke to their children's minister, Sheila Gibson... this girl's MOM! How weird is that!! So, on Friday of last week, Sheila and Jessica joined us at The Factory for a fun night. Jessica's dad is a graphic designer and even created the brochures and billboards for the Factory. We have also seen them at the Jackson County Library program that meets every Thursday afternoon. I am still surprised by this coincidence..... isn't there some piece of scripture about steps being numbered and even hairs on our heads or something?? cool, huh?

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