Wednesday, June 17, 2009

tv and mail

Gah and Papa move their satellite service back and forth from Oxford to Sylva. I called to move the service for her and found out that it's not so simple. Since the account is only in Tom Smith's name, it has to be closed out with a faxed death certificate and reopened for her. uggg. I told the guy her husband just died and she can't hear. She just wants to look at some news. Anyway, we are working on it.

I went to the library in Sylva to register the girls for the Summer Reading Program. I inquired about how I could get a card. It seems that I only need a piece of mail with my name on it matching my photo id. So, Brent is going to send me an envelope; hopefully, it will arrive today.

It's Gah's birthday. I wanted to do a little something special. She requested going to eat at Ryan's; so, I called up a couple of Ft. Tatham girls and they gathered five to meet us for supper. I enjoyed seeing Gah's face light up throughout the evening. These are some fun friends with a quick wit and fun spirit. They don't seem to mind that some don't remember well and some don't hear it to begin with. Zella Mae killed a snake yesterday. It was crawling under her cabin when she picked it up by the tail and swung it out and got it with a hoe! What's up with old ladies and snakes? After needing to be rolled out of Ryan's, they came over for canasta. We had enough players for two tables of four. Myram talked about how Papa used to aggravate the living daylights out of her over intense card games; he would "hex" the cards and get her all upset. Gah and Zella Mae won and then they began scheduling trips to the casino.

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