Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last Sunday we went over to Asheville to go to an AT&T store since I fell in a river in Panthertown with my blackberry. So, any trip to Asheville with Ga requires a visit to Hamricks which is sort of like Beall's but more old-lady style. I did find a pair of Lee shorts on sale. On the drive over, Gah says, " I know ya'll don't like J&S, but how about let's eat there?" Well, just what do you say to that? Now, Asheville is nicknamed the Paris of the South. Rachael Ray has highlighted interesting places and I have noted some features on Asheville in other travel and dining magazines. However, EVERYTIME I have been to Asheville, we go to J&S. It is a cafeteria. Sort of like Morrisons. The food is not bad, it's just plain and the atmosphere would be rated about a 2.

We get in the line and Alma looks over the glass at the ladies with white smocks and hairnets and exlaims, "Lunch Ladiesss!!! I've never seen one before!!" I reckon that's something for a homeschooler to get excited about. We all picked out some stuff and my coconut pie was good as always. Our bill was a little over $30 which is disappointing since it was not really how we would like to spend our dining money. But, the girls loved it. They kept saying, "This chicken is sooo good.... This rice is sooo good." Now, come one, how good or bad can chicken strips and white rice be.?? I asked for cocktail sauce for my fish when I was going through the line. The lunch lady said she'd send some out to my table. A few minutes later, the same lady came out with it and said, "Sorry this took a few minutes I couldn't get those Mexicans to understand what to do." hmmm Pretty blatant for a public place. Gah really enjoys J&S, maybe its the predictability of the meal. You do get a lot of food. She and Papa enjoyed this place for years, and I guess it's good that Alma and Chloe finally experienced a cafeteria. As we were checking out, I noticed pamphlets that said they also cater. Since our girls loved it so much, we might have a cafeteria wedding reception in our future.


  1. How is this even happening to you ??? Glad the whole coconut pie worked out for you... really sorry about the cafeteria ladies...and mexicans too? Funny. Oh, please tell me you have insurance on the new phone. I was just thinking about Ms. Smith and all these girls that are gonna invade next week.... We are looking forward to it so much...does Gah like Nick and Nates? Do I need to bring canasta? I am treating your blog like an email. sorry.

  2. Oh Lordie...that was a funny story. Thanks for the laugh. I remember several trips to Morrison's with my Granny Norris. She loved it. Just something about those places that lures in the seniors.

  3. Yummy cafeteria food, who knew it would be such a hit?? The lunch ladies comment is hiliarious!