Friday, July 17, 2009

Panthertown Preserve

We hiked in Panthertown while Brent was with us. It is the place that I fell in the water while taking a picture with my blackberry. It is connected to the Pisgah National Forest, but not part of it. Panthertown is nicknamed the Yosemite of the South because of its vast views, rocky terrain, and waterfalls. It is very remote and the trails are not well marked. Mom and I came out here with the girls a couple of years ago, and I've wanted to take Brent ever since. It is a very strenous hike, but worth it. We only saw two other people while we were on the trail. There were other cars at the trailhead, but we did not see the people. We had to step over lama poop as some people rent them to take them through the area. We walked to one waterfall and took pictures before we found what we were actually looking for: Granny Burrell falls. You can climb all over it and swim all around. At the bottom is a deep pool. If you jump in, the churn pushes you back up and out again. The girls did this over and over, "just one more timeee!!" Brent did it once-- its very cold! Chloe said this one was her very favorite day because it was an adventure. Alma hunted sassafrass leaves and crushed them to smell the rootbeer scent. We walked through an old pine forest that looked like Hansel and Gretel. But, the waterfall was surely the best part and one we will hopefully return to.

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  1. Too bad we don't have a picture of you falling in the water! That'd be great. :) I'm glad Chloe's enjoying her adventures. You're going to have to tell Joey about this stuff so we can go one day....