Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thad Wood's Auction

Saturday night, we stopped by Thad Wood's auction to see what was going on. I've been there before with Gah and Papa, and it's pretty good entertainment. You sit in rows of old school auditorium chairs in this warehouse building. The caller, Thad Woods, is at the front on a microphone doing that auctioneer chanting. A couple of other guys hold up the items and take them to the seats of the winner. There is a snack bar over in a corner selling ice cream and popcorn and such. Lots of stuffed dear heads and other animals that are real dusty are on the walls along with road signs and some local memorabilia. You get this card with a number on it and if an item comes up you want, you hold it up. It can be intimidating; I did not figure we'd bid on anything, but just watch the show. You never know what's going to be for bid: furniture, appliances, deodorant, dishes, artwork, socks, peanuts, fishing lures, a watch, a case of moonpies, Ford hats, just never know. It's a very random thing and I kept help but wonder where he gets this stuff. Some is obviously from estate sales; but, a case of hand sanitizer? We ended up buying 4 cases of Extra gum at $3 each and 2 cases of sparklers at $2 each. left over from the 4th. Brent got a diamond blade at $5 for some kinda saw. Gah got some bleach cleaner for $5. The kids were so surprised when they were calling out the cases of gum, and I said, "hold up your number!" They get lucky once in awhile with a pack in the grocery check out line; so, to have a case of gum to call your own is a type of wealth for a kid. When our friends come visit, we'll chew it while we run around in the dark with the sparklers.

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  1. I love the visual of your cheerun running around in the dark with sparklers while chewing gum. HA! Cheap way to entertain a crowd. Hilarious post. I'd love to check that place out someday.